afrofoto *day 19

I thought the thing featured today was a cushion cover when I first saw it lying around looking forlorn and abandoned at my aunt’s house a few years back. My grandmother had brought waaay too many gifts for all the unexpected guests and therefore consequential and habitual gifting. I was so excited about the way it would look on my bed since all my covers are white. It would be a semi-nautical, pseudo pop of color, clean lines and several other word pairings i’ve heard and remembered from interior decor mags and shows. But alas!

I even went looking for cushions that would fit in it, only to one day, upon closer inspection, realize that there was no pocket/slip to put the cushion into. It might have been a place mat or even just a ready-to-be-put-on-the-wall piece, but I decided to put it on my wall [<–if you can call it that] at work.

(from the same batch my Gogo brought, i have this in my room and have had it in my rooms since boarding school…might end up w it in my …)

Yes i does maintain, at least try to be deliberate about it, the afropolitaine vibes wherever i go! It’s not loud and occasionally i’ll squint my eyes and watch the waves on it 🙂