afrofoto day 4

Today was a great day! I got up early and therefore got to work a little less later than my regular uber lateness AND i had packed my lunch for work. But guess what, the meeting we had today had lunch provided for it!!! Whoever said something about no free lunches in this world….lol. (My mother said that <3)

I also was very productive as overwhelmed as I felt and managed to get away to the gym both on some of the gadget/machines and a run outside.


The African thing I had on today was an  Ethiopian scarf my mother got from Addis for me and I love the lightweight of the cotton so it works great in the summer and does provide just enough protection from the cold cuz today i swear it was fuh-reezing in the office so it was just as well. I love how bright the orange and gold border looks because the raw silk  makes it look shiny and therefore brighter.

I felt schmexy 🙂