Velvet Teddy

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I looooove Mac’s Ruby Woo – THE best matte red lipstick to ever exist. It is absolutely everything and I think if there is a red lipstick that every woman, regardless of skin color or age it is it. So much so that I got it for all my aunts for Christmas. I always make sure I have one on me and when I think it’s getting low (meaning anything after halfway) I get paranoid and get another one just in case. The other day I went to Macy’s for that purpose, but then decided to browse the other matte lipsticks available and came across this – Velvet Teddy. It’s a *nude matte with pink undertones


and this is what it looks like on me:

2013-07-12-686 vs on Rihanna Asics+Drai+Hollywood+Host+Exclusive+After+ArbIasrwFZYl

Haha who wore it best?! I think it will definitely look a little better on with a bright or dark eye, but yes I’m slowly falling in love here 🙂