afrofoto [belated] Updates!

(i can’t find my usb chord to get pictures of my phone 😦 – will soon)


  afrofoto *day 15:

‘Twas a Friday night and I got off work a little later than I would have liked. I had been dozing all day and even when leaving was tired, but i was determined to soak up some sun with some beautiful friends at Jazz in the Garden. This is how tired I was – i who takes the train everyday took the train in the opposite direction and realized a whopping 3 stops later -_- Met up at a sports bar with my Eritrean friend who i’ve known since middle and high school in Ivory Coast and one of her friends who i’ve met before. It was nice to be in chilled company with work switched all the way off….we made our way over to the Sculpture Garden a few blocks down where we met up with even more friends including one of my darling friends from AU !!!!!! I have not seen the girl in about 5 years and it felt so much like old times. It was VERYYY crowded, but we quickly settled into a nice patch of “grass”/bark of a tree and had a great time with a pitcher and miscellaneous snacks that included apples, popcorn, crackers, plantain chips and trail mix.
I then went over to Ozio’s to meet up with some other friends and it was really nice once again to see and reunite with friends. How quickly people grow up – that’s all i’ll say on that ;). Went home and slept in on Saturday…it was long overdue from the whole week waking up so early. I woke up feeling so refreshed 😀

afrofoto *day 16:

…Pick up from the last sentence above – went to a lovely brunch where we sat outside and the sun felt glorious!! It was altogether a less hectic weekend than some of the past couple of weekends that have been filled with family and events. I had my usual and got in a few errands.
Later that evening I went out with my darling @Naijadiva (featured in afrofoto *day 11) to see Beauty & the Beast at the National Theater! It was funnier than it was great. Both of us never really died over the original Disney cartoon, but with the help of a mature refreshment it became briefly hilarious …until the cold got to us and we fell asleep for a bit lol…. We had lots of fun taking pictures of and with each other before and after it!! Album release coming soon SOON! Came home and rested very weeeeell!! Weeeell into about 10 o’clock Sunday morning…

afrofoto *day 17:

Woke up and, as is customary of my Sundays, more out of habit more than an intentional and deliberate attempt, pretty much was doing nothing. In these days of overstimulation and information i sometimes don’t even look at my phone or check into twitter. I hardly tweet/text/email/leave my house :/ …and I am totally ok with that. However! However, my roommate called and asked if I wanted to go to a cookout for the birthday of one of our friend’s little sister. It was all the way in Baltimore, but the hour long drive felt a lot shorter with plenty of chatting and soaking up of the sun…and taking pictures of myself lol
There was a lot of sausage and she cooked a pot full of umbida (collared greens) and s’tshwala (corn meal). There was a good number of people – perfect for a cookout on a Sunday. Everyone could take a seat and talk to each other …. somehow at some point along the conversation after eating i convinced (<—might be too strong a word as it took very little persuasion) to go outside and play dodgeball! It was fun feeling like a little girl tucking my dress into my underwear as we used to to play jumprope, sweeti-gosta and matshayana back in Zimbabwe. A great workout running around and jumping up, diving into the ground and laughing the whole way through. Although I would have opted out of the grass itch from contact with the ground – i wouldn’t have had anything any other way that day 🙂
Came home and slept really well!


Please bear with me all, i can’t find the usb cord to get the pictures off my phone…i think i know where i forgot it – just need to get it