afrofoto day 1

I’ve been thinking about something I could do that would force me to commit to a blog post a day because i am well aware of my slacktitude! It’s really funny how i have a gazillion blogs i’m subscribed to on my reader, yet I can’t even put up a blurb a day. So i thought what would be fun to do and wouldn’t even take too much for me to do….so i thought and thought…and thought. What about a picture a day or “photo of the day”?! Yes!! and instead of just pictures of anything random it would be African things! African things, whatever they may be, that are part of my day every single day for 30 days! Sometimes i’ll have to reach, but for now i’m going with it. There will be short explanations on whatever the item is. Starting today since i’m took a sick day due to the EXCRUCIATING pains I’ve been having since yesterday…(that time of…). I showered and wore a robe my mother gave me:


It’s a floor length robe made of very light patterned cotton fabric. She got it on a trip to Senegal and when she pulled it out of her suitcase on a recent trip here I fell in love immmediately. She is a woman who knows the afropolitan in me all too well. I could even go so far as to say I am that because of her 🙂