afrofoto day 2

Had a very slow start to the day today and then once i got showered and dressed the pace picked up and it has so far been a glorious day! So far so good with my photo-a-day challenge to keep me blogging.

ghana necklace

My aunt who currently lives in Nigeria took a trip to Ghana and brought this necklace for me. It’s a fun piece made of some glassy stone that was dyed over…sometimes stains my skin and tops so i try not to wear it too long at a time :). Not exactly sure what tribe or region in Ghana I could attribute it to lest i embellish or make something up. So i shant ^_^

I went to Silver Spring and as I was walking down the closed off street where there was a street concert going on, i came across a large crowd of people gathered around an opening where nothing was happening. My cousin and I decided to linger and let our curiosity have it’s way….BOY am i glad we did!!! I have a great video lined up for you all!!!