Black Men, Keep OFF the Sidewalk & Get a PASSPORT!

So now, according to some of the [i don’t need to say “flawed” because that would be an understatement] reasoning of George Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, every black man walking on the same sidewalk with a person of another less black race is armed and therefore a threat and therefore deserves to die. Either he deserves to die or his being murdered can be justified. I will go ahead and deliberately oversimplify and assume therefore he is suggesting that [Black] men keep OFF the sidewalks and pavements.

While you’re are at it do not breath because by virtue of your stronger and therefore more dangerous physique your lungs are capable of taking in more air and therefore suffocating the air supply of another. If that other person is a none black you are automatically less valuable so you should stop breathing and make sure not to be threatening [as if that is even possible – you’re Black duh] their deserved dose because after all you are not worthy. You do not deserve your life.

Look down at your hands, the front and the back of them. Now clench them into fists. You are now armed and therefore your threat factor has risen according to the same reasoning.
A while ago I tweeted something to the effect that I don’t even know why you guys (twitterverse) are tripping and wasting your time so invested in this case when George Zimmerman is going to walk. I got quite impassioned responses that there is no way – the evidence was there the guy lied he went looking for trouble justice will be served for all the noise that was being made yadi yadi yada. I kinda sadly laughed to myself because when you know and travel the world you see America for what it is at least as far as race relations reality is. Guys, please stop being delusional it is dangerous for you especially if you are not the right color in America. Justice is not for all, it is for the rich and few other categories, but it certainly has hardly ever leaned in favor of Blacks.

There is that all powerful and invisible force called the Matrix of Domination that Patricia Hill Collins (Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment) wrote. If you look very carefully at it, you see, unfortunately that this country, through a combination of race, socioeconomic status, geography, age and several other factors, values the life of some people more than others. Generally, straight white men are at the top and anything further from that gets lower at the bottom and is less valuable. Remember it’s not about where you think you fit in, it’s where the forces [socially] position you. For the most part, degrees, money, the nice neighborhood might not move you up that pyramid because of your skin. Remember that. Put it in your back pocket and just rub on it every once in a while to remind yourself where, as long as you are here, where you fit in.

That brings me to my next point. GET A PASSPORT. It’s said that the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. I think it’s important for Black people to experience their own Blackness in a different context to gain some perspective independent of a system or environment that proves itself oppressive by design.

It’s funny because having recently come back from Zimbabwe after I was there for about 3 months, it’s interesting that the whole time I was there, through all the things that happened good or bad, there was never a time I had to wonder if the way I was treated was because I’m black. Sure people may have been rude because I’m a woman or a diaspora returnee or maybe because i’m Ndebele, but after being Black in America, it’s almost a relief not to have the burden of race for a little while. It’s something that I think a lot of Black people in America do not get to experience even when they are in their mostly Black communities and I would urge [Black] people to TRAVEL.

George Zimmerman got to sleep in his bed the night he killed a young boy who was walking home. A boy who never made it home. A boy whose parents were not called until 2 nights after their son was killed. A boy who had friends, a facebook profile, wore hoodies, loved skittles, a teethy smile and looked like he’d be a hottie when he grew up. A boy whose parents were not even in the room when the verdict was delivered.

After all this time, George Zimmerman gets to take the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin home. Wow.

It is insulting to assume and predict that Black people will riot upon hearing the verdict. The assumption of Black criminality is so deeply embedded in the justice system and media psyche of this country that it is almost safe to assume that if Trayvon had survived those gun shots he would very well have been arrested and criminalized or the police would have showed up to the scene and finished him.

You cannot ever stand your ground physically or verbally. No standing your ground and stay off the sidewalk.

But and because this is America if you are shocked that this killer walks, please prepare yourself for his book deals and speaking tours. Man shall not live on bread alone yes. Watch your carb and calorie intake after all.

Anywhoo let me get ready to take a short nap and wake up in a few hours and go into work where I’ll be careful not to talk to passionately about this matter in polite company. This is America in case you didn’t know it. I know it.