Breakfast, Venezuela and Snowden in DC

I came in bright and early this morning and as such the space and time between the smoothie I had before I left home and lunch was longer. Shortly after the first hunger growl, I decided to dash up the street to the deli and get some scrambled eggs before they stop serving breakfast. This is what I saw just outside:


The little pick up truck all decorated and painted in pink had “Hands Off Snowden” written on it, a small crowd gathered, camera crews and US secret service cops right outside the Venezuelan embassy.


Oh America, besides the fact that you are spying on your citizens and tooootally invading their privacy, how amazing it is that in this land of the free and home of the brave, also that of milk and honey, sugar and spice and all things nice, people have the luxury, at around 10 in the morning to gather outside a foreign embassy to protest the potential [not actuality] decision said country has made for itself in their own land based on the free will one of your own free citizens has freely exercised. I shant digress or rant, I shant.

It seems people are torn on what Snowden is – heroic whistleblower vs. cowardly traitor. Whichever one, politicking aside, in his quest for asylum it’s interesting the countries he has supposedly been looking for asylum in . Whether he gets caught sometime soon or not I think his mission in the grand scheme of things has been accomplished. The amount of disruption and shaking of tables that has happened because of his leaks shows just how powerful what he did was. At this point, however miserable he may or may not be, in the back of his mind he probably can’t believe it all. When he was doing it, he might not have imagined it getting this big. He has joined the leagues of Assange and them – except he is an American! Dum dum dum…

Curious to see how this all ends for the dusty blond haired wonder.