Over the last [ *counts months on fingers back to the beginning of 2013* ] few months I have gone THROUGH it. As in all the way throuuuugh so much – both good and not so awesome and sometimes I think back to how much my life changed so much from then to where I am now and so much is the same I just laugh at myself.  It’s like I myself pulled the rug out from underneath myself and threw everything out the window and moved out only to, due to unforeseen and possibly good in the long run circumstances, be back here wondering why the universe and all the forces conspired the way they did to bring me back here. Only time can answer that.


Two main things I can say I learnt are that it is important to make a decision and that I am, although through all the muck sometimes it was and has been hard to see the silver lining, blessed. Once I made and committed to the decision to go to Zimbabwe at the time and the way I did, the universe backed me all the way up. There were days when I was amazed at how things just fell into place as if on cue  that sometimes I cried myself to sleep in joy and disbelief. Like is this really me?! I’m back and still have the amazing friends, some family and my jay oh bee!! / I’m as fit as a fiddle and things are really quite simple [through some deliiberate effort on my part]. For the things that are a bit shaky and uncertain I just need to DECIDE and commit to the decisions and, because I already have a foundation of blessings, the universe will come together and make it do what it do.

Just a girl with big and little dreams, a huge heart, and more than enough people rooting for me. Let’s see what the rest of the year brings once I decide!