#afrofoto day 10 | I went into a stinky graffiti alley for YOU!

What have I learnt so far?

That it is impossible very difficult to blog everyday when a small human being depends on you for nourishment, entertainment and prefers you are mostly within her lines of vision [unless she’s sleeping] on weekends…and you also enjoy doing that AND need to nourish and entertain yourself with her.

I owe you guys 3 posts now! You will get them I promise! As I type this one I already have tomorrow’s *insert salsa dancing lady emoji*.

Today was HOT (upper 80s) and we started the morning sleeping in a bit. We got up to get ready per the usual when my cousin called saying he wanted to take us (his niece really lol) to the farmer’s market in DC so we ended up doing that. We went to the Union Market area where there are a lot of wholesale fruit, veggie, meat and all sorts of in between vendors only to find them closed so we ended up going into Union Market itself. We walked around to choose something to eat and settled on  Takorean. So good! Afterwards….well earlier when looking for parking we’d seen 2 guys taking pictures in one of the graffiti’d alleys so we decided to do the same. My cousin loves his car and is into that type of thing so me too I joined in. I remembered #afrofoto and that I was WAAAAY due for a post so I thought hey me too let me get some pictures in here. It was stiiiinkyyy in that alley, but because I love you guys I endured it 🙂 I love how the pictures turned out with absolutely no filter 💗!

(no filter no nothing)

This basket-bag was my late grandmother’s and I got it from her while she was still alive. She’d already been in the States for 2 years undergoing treatment at that point with my grandfather coming and going between here and Zimbabwe months at a time. At some point while he was in Zim, I decided to go and visit him since he was mostly in the house alone and it had been a while since I’d seen him/been in Zim. This bag was in the closet in the room that used to be mine as a kid and is always where I stay when I go. I really liked the bag so coming back I used it as my carry on to hold those extra things we somehow accumulate despite having come/traveled light. My grandmother and I would be on the phone coordinating the things she wanted me to bring back for her and there was quite a bit.

She definitely got the bag herself when she went to Tanzania while my mom lived there and Kilimo Kwanza, in Swahili, means Agriculture First. I’m not quite sure if it may have been promotional for something or just was like that at purchase. What I love about it is how durable it is! It’s made of woven rafia (i think) material and reinforced along the edges and straps with fabric so it does not give no matter what you put in it. I also love the wide strip of kikoi on the front with the fringe uncut. I used to use this as my bag at work, but retired it for something else in the rotation. Today I came full circle back to it for the market because it could fit my baby necessities, wallet AND I’d have been able to add whatever we would have gotten.

Happy Sunday folk and may you go into the new week with new energy, joy and focus….says the person typing a blog post at a quarter to midnight on Sunday night and hasn’t finished packing the baby bag for the baby sitter because it’s better to let the baby sleep than end up waking her up accidentally for that.  Yes…!



Breakfast, Venezuela and Snowden in DC

I came in bright and early this morning and as such the space and time between the smoothie I had before I left home and lunch was longer. Shortly after the first hunger growl, I decided to dash up the street to the deli and get some scrambled eggs before they stop serving breakfast. This is what I saw just outside:


The little pick up truck all decorated and painted in pink had “Hands Off Snowden” written on it, a small crowd gathered, camera crews and US secret service cops right outside the Venezuelan embassy.


Oh America, besides the fact that you are spying on your citizens and tooootally invading their privacy, how amazing it is that in this land of the free and home of the brave, also that of milk and honey, sugar and spice and all things nice, people have the luxury, at around 10 in the morning to gather outside a foreign embassy to protest the potential [not actuality] decision said country has made for itself in their own land based on the free will one of your own free citizens has freely exercised. I shant digress or rant, I shant.

It seems people are torn on what Snowden is – heroic whistleblower vs. cowardly traitor. Whichever one, politicking aside, in his quest for asylum it’s interesting the countries he has supposedly been looking for asylum in . Whether he gets caught sometime soon or not I think his mission in the grand scheme of things has been accomplished. The amount of disruption and shaking of tables that has happened because of his leaks shows just how powerful what he did was. At this point, however miserable he may or may not be, in the back of his mind he probably can’t believe it all. When he was doing it, he might not have imagined it getting this big. He has joined the leagues of Assange and them – except he is an American! Dum dum dum…

Curious to see how this all ends for the dusty blond haired wonder.


Upon Touchdown in Africa

Yes these are random, but i was just looking back at the first several pictures I took upon moving back to Zimbabwe at the beginning of March. Enjoy 🙂 :


yes i put a full face of makeup in my excitement to go to town with Gogo. Say it with me – “meltdown”! I have since reduced what I put on…


my feet kicked up and watching Press TV. Think what Al Jazeera was before it went mainstream, but better. AJZ rocks though!


Tired, but very happy face


Was watching tv with my granddad and he fell asleep. (This was the stage i was whatsapping images of every single moment to my cousins and aunts back in the states)


roasted groundnuts, freshly harvested and still a bit damp. Lordt! :p


went to visit a friend and enjoyed the fresh breeze, greenery and spaciousness of a typical Zimbabwean yard


out to lunch at Cafe Munandi with my favorite person in the world – my grandmother ❤


Still eating freshly ground peanuts, freshly grown corn and mangoes from the garden


(out of order) had just gotten on the bus from Johannesburg to Bulawayo – my first time travelling between the 2 countries by road


my baby cousin (uncle’s daughter) Olwethu (means “Ours”) where I spent the night upon arriving in Jo’burg


catching my breath after that 1st shower after a loong flight (went from DC to NY to Amsterdam [3 days] to Paris to Jo’burg)


my childhood friend, Dean, now lives in Jo’burg and picked me up from the airport



afrofoto *day 23: Bukom!


Tucked away in the heart of the heart of DC that is Adam’s Morgan you will find Bukom Cafe! It is a landmark of the city and going there is part of experiencing chill/alive/cultural/musical DC. It isn’t the monuments nor is it the white house, it isn’t the museums nor is it the interesting government buildings. It’s it’s own experience and satisfies so many feelings you may or may not actively be in pursuit of when you go out. One thing that is for SURE (put $$$ on it) is that it will always be a right decision to go there. I also heard it was featured in landmarks of DC somewhere. The food is amazing and although, when busy, it might take a little while, the live reggae band interesting mix of patrons of all races, ages, religions etc will keep you going AND the food is always #FRESH. The worst that has happened to me is the food took a little longer than i’d like, but I was in great company and had walked in there FAMISHED.
I had seen people order this on previous visits and was determined to have it one day so it finally happened. It’s a whole grilled Tilapia garnished with spices and veggies :p
The address is 
2442 18th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
You should definitely check it out!! It’s Ghanaian and Nigerian owned (a married couple who are always there <3)

afrofoto *day 22: TGIF!

I will lead with this picture because i thought the scenery was so beautiful! The sun was setting…meanwhile a few miles around the corner a real live storm was brewing complete with felled trees and power outages as i would later find out later that night….

After work I was exhausted from the whole week and although my co-workers wanted to do happy hour, it was one of those days i had to go home and switch off my brain and come back. I then had friend-in-need task to complete and returned to the city to find them well on their way to inebriation and bubbling with joy! I caught up, albeit slowly…it  was a fun time 🙂

From here we went to Ozio’s and I will recommend, NOT a drink, but you check out the hottie of a Mauritanian who is a bartender on the rooftop!!! Eye candy I tell you and it helps that he’s super sweet AND speaks French. Of course he won’t remember me from Adam, but i’m very ok with looking from a distance.

A whole lot happened there and after. Great way to start a weekend in the summer 🙂

Earlier in the day i’d spotted this while standing in line at Starbucks —> Medium roast bag of Kenyan coffee 🙂 (We shant get into the sustainability and long-term poverty alleviation/eradication effects fair trade partnerships do or don’t create. Not now.)