Charmed and Sprung in Baltimore


It has sprung and Lord have mercy is it always beautiful out! I missed the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC because their blooming coincided with a lot of big changes including a move from one city to another…adjacent to each other, but. At times the direct sunlight is a little over that thin line between pleasant and scathing, but.

In an altogether separate post, I’ll talk about how I have fallen in love with the *actual city that is Baltimore.

I spent the weekend taking it easy especially on Sunday and went to Fort McHenry in the afternoon. That something associated with a war so brutal and so long ago can be converted into such a serene and beautiful space if one of the reasons humans have *potential to win. The War of 1812 of brought the British here where they were unsuccessful after burning Washington DC down. There was some Chinese telephone getting ready for them when the then Secretary of War swore to goodness the British were coming to Baltimore, but they went to DC…hence burning it down since nobody saw it coming. Baltimore was altogether very important and strategic commercially and geographically, but Fort McHenry, as evidenced by this now “National Monument and Historic Shrine”, stood and still stands its ground. That tower is visible from a distance, but an aerial shot of the star shaped shows why it’s kind of amazeBALLS!

IMG_9582 IMG_9581

It’s nice that different plants blossom at different parts of spring so it was beautiful to see and be around these bright pink crabeapple trees abuzz with bumblebees lining the pathway with bronze plaques with a blurb about who each one is dedicated to. George Washington gets one of course!

IMG_9575 IMG_9574 IMG_9583

I’m looking to exploring more of this city even with everything that happened and needed to in the last few days. Curfew’s up – time to explore! I have been charmed and I’m sprung ❤



Oh Lord Baltimore!


I have never lived in Baltimore and honestly have never really known or needed to know much about it. My uncle had some houses he had flipped in Fell’s Point and I went to visit once and it was quite and all, but I remember just thinking how claustrophobic it all felt. I do know, however, that in the recent past the city [or parts of it] have been going through some gentrification with some of the charm of the redone/repackaged/face-lifted areas spilling over to the more untouched parts. To be honest, I always associated a certain dishevelment with the city. Everything just seems like someone had either forgotten or just decided they weren’t going to clean it, sweep it or just make it look nice. I used to be in Philly all the time and I remember always thinking I could never live there because it was filthy – “Filthidelphia” as I jokingly called it. My few encounters with Baltimore the notable memories I had were of the unswept streets, street cars, incense stands on the corners, the long shorts that come almost down to the ankles worn with white tees that stop just above the knee, the beards – all similar to Philly.

I’m at a conference all week and my co-worker/ circumstantial pahtna-in-craahm and  I decided to retrace oursteps to an Au Bon Pain we walked past yesterday in some alley not too far from the hotel we were at. For some reason*, he decided to look up walking directions to the closest one. To cut a long story short we ended up on what might have been the set of The Wire and I’m sure the cameras crews and celebrities were on lunch break. After that much accidental walking, we spotted Lexington Market with the food magnetically pulling our ravenous appetites towards it.

What a great moooove! It feels like a market with the fresh fruits and vegetables, deep fried food stands all over the place, ALL kinds of seafood, people, cakes etc etc.

Some funny sights …