Right Up My Alley

On my birthday I was taken out to this really really nice bowling alley. I’d spent the day at home because I decided to take a personal day. I had nothing planned really and made myself a hearty breakfast, took a shower late. It was warm, but lightly drizzly all day. My aunt took me out to lunch at a Thai restaurant on Light Street we both agreed we’d enjoyed, but would probably not be returning to. We both love drunken noodles and always order that to test it out. It’s always a good gauge of how good everything else will be. It was no bueno, but we enjoyed each other’s company. I then dropped off some dry cleaning and hurriedly went for a mani pedi in navy blue trying to make it in time for a date I thought would be around 8, but ended up being at 5.

Come the pick up, I had no idea where we were going, but I insisted that no matter what I was going to at least wear a dress because it was my birthday. One simply does not NOT wear a dress when it is her birthday. We got to some industrial looking locale, walked into a nondescript lobby, a simple, but clean elevator. On whatever floor we landed, the doors opened into a beautiful bowling alley where reservations for a lane had been made. I put on the dorkey bowling shoes complete with the above ankle socks and grabbed a 12 pound ball. I completely guttered the ball for the first few bowls…so I was between a bad attitude and not caring until I got some instructions. After the second round, I was down by 30 something points and almost resolved to getting my behind whopped.

At some point I was like NO – this cannot. Not on my birthday and no way is anyone going to start kinda losing only to please a birthday girl…even if she is I. I actively concentrated from the moment I picked up the ball, stepped up, swung my arm, flicked my wrist and send the ball down the alley. I followed through with a serious gaze until I had so many strikes I was confused by my score. Needless to say, the final score was a whopping 140 something to 70 something. I must go back. I will. Once I started winning I was all about it! Such is life. I enjoyed this fancy bowling alley in an unmarked building.

I really enjoyed myself and wanna go back and leave no pin standing 🙂



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