Commitment Issues

blog-authority…the relationship type. What are relationships though?

For the definition I had to practice the ancient art of reaching for the dictionary, which in this day and age involves going to the .com of whatever dictionaries were bunny-eared, greasy fingerprinted and possibly ripped in our childhoods. I chose the Oxford dictionary because why not consult the inventors of English – the English?! The definition I needed reads as follows…(*this actually took much longer than it needed to because is now a subscription website*)…I looked around actually and in it taking a while this felt the most appropriate:
“a romantic or passionate attachment”
Simple. Something I seemingly struggle with in my relationship to my writing. For any topic I decide to write about, it’s a lot easier for me to explain, even unneedingly, than summarize. Back to the matter, I have commitment issues in my relationship to my writing. I love writing. I have a romantic and passionate attachment to it. Love it so much I think and speak in writing. My writing voice is my favorite voice. When I talk and say something I feel was epic, I want to write it down. So much that I have 69 drafts of thoughts I crafted, teased and fluffed in the heat of inspiration with love. But why don’t I do it more? Why don’t I hit the “publish” button more often?

My best simple days where I feel the strongest sense of accomplishment are the ones where I write something and hit the publish button. How many people read it doesn’t matter as much as the fact that I did it. I got a thought that was weighing me down off my chest and it touched someone.


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