Join me! ::: #graphAfrica


I’m embarking on a self-imposed writing challenge where for the month of July I will post something every single day. I did this before with my #afrophoto challenge last year in June! I’m a month late on this, but I just had to be sure that I didn’t NOT do this. I know I haven’t been writing nearly enough for those of you who give your time to reading whatever ramblings and sometimes well thought out arguments and feelings I muster the courage to publish.

When I started this blog it was more for myself so I could writing something without over thinking it. I enjoyed the process of coming back to my blog a while or days later when I’m no longer in that mental state to marvel at my writing. It really was more a way of looking at myself outside of myself, but now over 43 thousand page views later I have to thank you all for seeing me here. I can admit I felt freer when I wrote and didn’t know who was reading my blog so bumping into people somewhere telling me they read my blog and saying they enjoyed it woke up the obstructionist perfectionist in me. I now wondered if I could always deliver what the people wanted. I was conscious of an audience who had previously been abstractly out there somewhere. I wrote less.

I’m getting over it and myself and just writing now. As usual, you can expect a lot of obviously and directly Africa related topics and a good number where it’s not so obvious and I make the connection because that is how I see my world. There is never NOT a connection to Africa in how I see things in my world wherever in the world I am. Do feel free to comment and be engaged, but if all that happens is you think a little bit more about Africa in your own interactions with your world that will be my job done!

My new hashtag, I’ve decided will be:

I decided on this after much consideration and applying my love of languages. I wanted to use Africa as the root of the word versus what we typically do using it as a prefix. Afro- this afro- that – I am guilty too. Prefixes were used prepositionally in Latin and therefore indicated a certain position regardless of the subject. I wanted Africa to be the subject no matter what it is I’ll write about. Whatever I encounter and be moved to write about will be in relation to Africa, not Africa in relation to it. I then chose the prefix graph- which we see in many words and it’s meaning is write or record. So yeah there’s a little lesson for you guys  – any word with the prefix or root graph is relating to writing or recording. So I am looking to write and record Africa with this blog and this challenge.
Stay tuned and read along ❤


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