1st time AFROPOLITAINE shopped at TopShop

I follow a good number of style blogs and it would seem every [accessible and affordable] style blogger STAYS having pieces from Topshop. I am not a style blogger, although my sense of style is quite easy on the eyes when I look in the mirror Har HAR… I certainly admire what they do and respect the dedication it takes to dress up every single day in an outfit that is both blogworthy AND has readers gawking – big ups to you all!

So I bought 3 things when there was an irresistible sale. I didn’t want to buy too many things because, given that there isn’t a physical store, I wasn’t sure how the sizing (size 6) would work. You will be glad to know that all three dresses fit like a glove! I am a happy Topshop shopper and I certainly will be back.
Scuba High Neck Skater Dress (nice and structured fit)
Tall Sleeveless Mini Dress (although “mini” might be a misnomer because this dress is definitely knee length [with my short self])
Clean T-Shirt Maxi Dress (my favorite because with that silky, flowy and breezy bottom half makes for uber sexiness)

Haven’t worn them, but I’m sure I will get around to them soon 🙂
I had kind of forgotten about the package because there was no tracking available, but it arrived on Saturday morning while I was chilling and completely oblivz!



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