The African Youtube Cat Video!

Back from the weekend and I’ve already been told I look refreshed and relaxed! I’ll take that 🙂 So the last time I blogged was Thursday I believe that was admittedly a lazy post. You guys it’s so hard to blog on the weekends, so I’m behind by a few soooo without further ado let me give you something to enjoy your Monday morning.


Now we all know about the phenomenon of cat videos on youtube. For some reason beyond common sense reasoning, cat videos are loved on that video sharing platform. They go viral in days and for days with innumerable likes and comments making their way onto the Huffington Post front pages. I personally have never really been the biggest fan of cats after I was traumatized by mine as a child! Ok ok ok I know you want me to tell you what happened, but you have to promise not to laugh. Promise?

My cousin and I had cats when we were younger in Zimbabwe. Mine was a light brown and I think his was black. They were normal cats, not really the friendliest and they kinda just did their own thing, had their own lives and we fed them. Well one day, I can’t even remember the circumstances leading up to this, MY cat ran  after me. As in chasing after me like a dog chases a person. I remember screaming my head off and running as fast as my pata-pata’d feet could carry me. I had to run into the blackberry tree. I had to run and climb into it and stay in it for quite a bit for fear of this cat that, now that I think about it, must have been possessed. There is no other explanation for a cat chasing a person the way mine did that day.

Anywhooo Happy belated Monday everybody, make it a good rest of the week!




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