Meeting Halfway, Hello!

The second half of the year 2013 started today and I can honestly say the first half of this year showed me sooo much I still can’t believe I did, said, felt, went and witnessed. I made the biggest changes of my fairly short adult life, felt the highs of extraordinary and unbelievable joy as well as the deep and numbing pain of being hurt and seeing loved ones in pain. Sometimes all in one day. I had 2 winters, whatsapped and skyped more times than I ever had in my entire life in the space of 6 months. I felt at home and a stranger all at once earlier this year and now. I learnt to be without all my shoes and bags and the wonderful trappings of my comfortable life as I had created it. I learnt people old and new. I cried silent tears and laughed so hard I literally rolled on the floor a good number of times. I had blessings coming my way at a point where I was numbed in disbelief that is this really me. It really was and is. So much I planned and acted to happen happened, but also so much more I didn’t plan and expect came along too.

Vague enough for you? Not to worry, we will go through it. Last year, in the month of June I challenged myself to blog every single day with the “afrofoto” series where I took a pictures of something connected to Africa whether on my person or in my environment and activities. It was hard, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and engaging whoever decided to stop through and read along. This year I’m starting it NOW in July! It should prove to be interesting this time around, maybe not as image heavy, but I guarantee you will feel [something]. Hopefully mostly good feelings and at the very least exercise reading.

images (1)

Welcome and enjoy the next few weeks with me 🙂



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