afrofoto *day 22: TGIF!

I will lead with this picture because i thought the scenery was so beautiful! The sun was setting…meanwhile a few miles around the corner a real live storm was brewing complete with felled trees and power outages as i would later find out later that night….

After work I was exhausted from the whole week and although my co-workers wanted to do happy hour, it was one of those days i had to go home and switch off my brain and come back. I then had friend-in-need task to complete and returned to the city to find them well on their way to inebriation and bubbling with joy! I caught up, albeit slowly…it  was a fun time 🙂

From here we went to Ozio’s and I will recommend, NOT a drink, but you check out the hottie of a Mauritanian who is a bartender on the rooftop!!! Eye candy I tell you and it helps that he’s super sweet AND speaks French. Of course he won’t remember me from Adam, but i’m very ok with looking from a distance.

A whole lot happened there and after. Great way to start a weekend in the summer 🙂

Earlier in the day i’d spotted this while standing in line at Starbucks —> Medium roast bag of Kenyan coffee 🙂 (We shant get into the sustainability and long-term poverty alleviation/eradication effects fair trade partnerships do or don’t create. Not now.)

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