afrofoto *day 14


yo yo yo!! we almost there – a few minutes until Friday! Furahi-day as speakers of Swahili like to joke! Check out the bracelet from today! It’s a craft favorite you will probably see very often in southern African markets! It’s always fascinating to see the levels of innovation and creativity that simple life can achieve. Can any of you guess what the bracelet is made of? 

Safety pins! <– They’re arranged  vertically and parallel to each other and have different sized beads on the arm that pins and unpins and the whole thing is strung together with thick elastic string along the top and the bottom. So it doesn’t have a clasp or anything, just stretches on or off.
I got it over the Christmas/New Year’s 2012 holiday when I went to Zimbabwe and South Africaa. The whole trip was 10 days long and and between going to the two countries and the things that had to be done I realized when I was at the airport in Jo’Burg that i had not gotten anything for my aunts and friends. So i checked in and dashed into MADE in SA and grabbed a few things including this bracelet. I got it for my roommate @wenkosi too and i’m glad she liked it as well! I’m actually just realizing upon writing this that the store has a web page and you can actually shop online! They had some amazing things from various designers throughout Africa and included not just high and low end jewelry and crafts, but interior decor and plates, cutlery and music. It’s a must go for anybody flying or transiting through JNB!

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