afrofoto *day 13

DAMBISA MOYO in all her awesomeness was at the World Bank today to talk about her newest book Winner Takes All. The whole event can be found HERE and watched in it’s interactive entirety.

I sat front row thanks to my Abidjannaise soeur from Gambia who saved me a seat since I was [CPT] late. I snapped a few of my own pictures and video and thoroughly enjoyed everything about the common sense construction of her arguments. There was a diverse audience and she is well versed not just on sweepingly general African issues, but more importantly more country specific and nuanced perspectives and circumstances. She is a global citizen in every sense of the word and the embodiment of AFROPOLITAN. When that word makes it into the dictionary it will surely have her picture next  to it!

When I walked up to get my book signed I HAD to sneek in that i’m maMoyo as well and she called me her “sister” lol – we BFFs now!




I will put the videos together for my best moments and post them tomorrow for you all’s, as well as my own, enjoyment!

Can we talk about her sky high stilettos y’all?! No? Is that shallow of me?! ….ok fine :/

She’s a fox though 🙂

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