afrofoto *day 12 —> Dambisa Moyo!!!

nothing to blog about here….looong day and as much as my mind was consumed with other things I was completely unprepared for my afrofoto post. I actually thought it was the day of Dambisa Moyo’s event at the World Bank and that was going to be my biiiig thing! But alas! I was sorely mistaken lol – the event was Wednesday, today, instead. I didn’t want to reach in the efforts to post something “African” in inspiration…although now that I think about it i “might could” have found lots had I been thinking about on my ice cream date at Cold Stone in Silver Spring.

We were talking about how well the Ethiopian migrant community has done quite well for itself in Silver Spring as well as DC and it being one of the longer standing and more deeply established of the African communities. I sometimes jokingly refer to it as “Little Addis”. In fact, my favorite DMV Ethiopian restaurant is in Silver Spring is called Addis Ababa! You all should go check it out sometime…and see it featured here on the Simpsons —>

It’s not really the one, but this was a great laugh and really did have a Silver Spring vibe to it.

Shout out to the Habesha community 🙂 !!!

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