afrofoto *day 11

Michael Bolton with my wife! Felt so good to be reunited with iyawo mi <– “my wife” in Yoruba. We went  to the newly reopened Howard Theater in DC. I had seen the ad for it a while before and it just took me back to Zimbabwe and Kenya in my youth. Michael Bolton, Kenny G, Phil Collins, Elton John….they were all the soundtrack to the foundation of my formulations of what love is. I first sensed what romance was supposed to sound like and possibly feel like from these white men lol….Many Africans who were preteens in the 90s will tell you about the high doses of smooth jazz and country music that was played on local radio stations…the days of recording songs on a blank cassette and dubbing over that over and over again until you could hear the fuzz on your tape….

Zimbabweans will remember the days of Music Box before it became Coca-Cola on the beat…after which it became Mntinimira Wemimanzi/Ezomgido! Radio 3 days… 

I hope you enjoy the video and the song takes you places like it did for me!
necklace from Senegal my mom got for me and my beautiful “wife” 🙂 – great reuniting with her!
I wish he had performed Said I Loved You…that is his ultimate hit for me! S’all good though, I had my money’s worth about the 3rd song in! The man’s voice is molasses smoothly flowing down the handle of a spoon and you lick it up and the sweetness makes you close your eyes unknowingly – THAT good! 

He aged like a fine wine – if Justin Beiber keeps it up he might look that good lol,,, 
I was transported to sitting in the sun lounge at my grandparents house when my aunts and uncles were teenagers and were going through their first loves and would play that song on repeat on the record player…YES! my grandparents had a record player and accompanying records into the mid 90s. 

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