no foto afrofoto day 10

Taking off from the looooong day afrofoto day 9 was, we got home at about 6:30 in the morning and I woke up at about noon because it was hot and I could smell some lighter fluid and hear kiddy voices. My uncle was getting the grill started in the backyard for the braai and baby cousins were changing into bathing suits to go run around in the sprinkler outside.

What was African about the day was the feeling of oneness no matter where in the family tree you fall. Every grown man was an uncle, every woman an aunt….I even had to remind my baby cousins that i’m not “aunty” – making me feel old lol!!! The fact that any grown up is to be treated with respect FIRST – whether you know them or not. Whether you like them or not. Whether or not, genealogically or family tree speaking you might actually be THEIR aunt//uncle. There is a hierarchy where what you learn first is to respect and then you eventually grow into or earn your own as others come after you. It’s all very wonderful really.

We sat outside with well seasoned chicken and meat, chilled beer and wine coolers, house music blasting, sun beaming and for a second there caught up in speaking Ndebele i momentarily felt transported back to Zimbabwe. I was sent to drop off someone I didn’t know all the way to Silver Spring from Woodbridge, but I couldn’t refuse. You do for others because it’s not about you. You do for others because you are asked to and/or because it simply is the right thing to do….*sigh*

It was just beautiful 🙂 …. between this paragraph and the one above a lot of beautiful moments were had. Only because they were all filled with happiness and joy. It was all very exhausting, but i wouldn’t have had it any other way. Sunday, fun day, love day…

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