afrofoto *day 9

nobody told me it would be this hard. to post every day. why didn’t anyone warn me? you monsters are people!! I can’t imagine I haven’t posted for 5 days straight! That is absolutely ridunkulous!! Not necessarily or particularly because it’s difficult, but because CLEARLY 24 hours are NOT enough!

Since we last “spoke” quit a bit has happened:

afrofoto day 9

I went to a African wedding and I say “African” because the wedders were from different countries – groom was Ghanaian and bride is half Sierra Leonean and half Nigerian. It all came together in a very colorful affair!

Image(groom’s side of the family wore red and gold )

Image(bride’s wore blue and gold)

Image(a belly dancer provided entertainment at the reception [as seen on wall projection])

Imageit was quite a big reception hall and packed might be an understatement!

So in a few snaps that’s pretty much where I was for afrofoto day 9. Besides the bright colors and scorching heat, it was nice to see the blending of different nationalities and religions (the bride being half Christian and Muslim and groom Christian). A reminder of the fact that although we hear more about religion being a divider in Africa, for the most part historically Christians and Muslims lived peacably and intermarried.

I was also highly amused, as i always am, to see Lebanese people speaking Creole! There is a large [naturalized] Lebanese population as well as other countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Nigeria. Many have been in those countries they can even speak the languages (mostly the pidgins and creoles). It was a great way to tie in the Lebanese belly dancer as the few Lebanese present at the wedding got very excited!

After the wedding, I hung out with some relatives who are in town from Canada and before I delve into details about the logistics and shennanigans, i’ll just say we got home at about 6 in the morning! The types of weekends summer memories are made of 🙂

Per @FreedomTrapped ‘s request, here’s a foto of my “inspired” look:


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