afrofoto day 3: African “Flash” Dance

Who knew that this challenge would have some inbuilt double whammies?! I thought I would just be taking pictures of clothing items, jewelry or food that are African in their origins, and yes yesterday i did have something from Ghana on, but I also saw this performance and recorded it on my Nokia N8!

I didn’t want to post both and it’s just as well that I didn’t because I can do so today 🙂

I did leave the house for brunch today, but there was nothing African about my outfit or the food I ate. Does the blood in my veins count?!

Sad news though, there was the plane crash yesterday of the Nigerian cargo plane in Ghana and then the plane crash in Lagos :/ ….tried calling my aunt who is currently there with no luck just to check on her. Fingers crossed XX. I hope my friends there are fine too ❤

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