my inner 90s r’n’b balladeer

This album is about to drop

If the internet wasn’t the internets that it is and i wasn’t the attention prude that i’ve conciously trained myself to be over the years – in real life and cyberspace – and i wrote a song or maybe a poem to be performed either a cappella or to a live roots reggae band with strong saxophone hints and piano crescendos all tied together with a seemingly distant but clearly consistent tam tam in the background bringing transferable life to the combination that has you tapping you foot and dribling your fingertips on a tabletop unknowingly….if it wasn’t for that i would have the most beautiful love song story to tell and sing to you. It would be the stuff 90s r’n’b by xscape, swv, total, tlc (crazysexycool), aaliyah (one in a million), keith sweat, faith evans, tamia’s unrequited or fulfilled love songs were made of. i would put blues to rhythm no autotune…

Whatever would seem like sadness in the ballads wouldn’t actualy be negative, but a source of sobering to an already sober person – a reminder perhaps of an already existent emotional sobriety. The stuff Adele’s 21 abum was made of. The gloriously unfrilled expression of deception experienced at the hands of people we aren’t shocked turned out to be what we suspected they would be.  Verses, bridges and hooks about gut feelings, gosh-darnits and shoulda-coulda-wouldas…

If it wasn’t for a lot of things i would be writing an album right now about this thing called love…not because I have it or don’t have it now, but because i know that it’s better to love, lose and learn from it, requited or not, than never love at all…

For now this post will do 🙂

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